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Speech and Language Therapy Services for Schools and Nurseries

Did you know that, in some areas of the U.K, as many as 50% of children enter school with delayed speech, language and communication skills? If these communication difficulties persist, the impact it can have on the children's academic progress and emotional wellbeing is significant. Talk About Town Ltd are pleased to be able to offer a regular, quality service to schools at extremely competitive prices.

The Speech and Language Therapists at Talk About Town Ltd are experienced at managing the Speech, Language and Communication needs of nursery and school - aged children. We have experienced the positive impact the regular input of a qualified, highly-skilled Speech and Language Therapist can have on the children's progress. Purchasing the time of a dedicated Speech and Language Therapist is an excellent way to meet the children's needs in your school / nursery. Some schools / pre-schools use their pupil premium money to purchase the time of a Speech and Language Therapist.

We can visit your school / nursery each week to conduct assessments, complete therapy sessions with individual children, run therapy groups and manage your WELLCOMM screening and intervention programme for you. We can also support your teaching staff through offering regular advice and training to improve their skills. We also offer 'ad-hoc' sessions where the school or nursery can purchase a single session or specified number of sessions in order to conduct assessments, provide advice and intervention.

If you are interested in finding out more about our school / nursery services, including up to date pricing for these services, please contact us to arrange a meeting.